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Here in the SMART-e Heather classroom we engage in fun and educational activities that help us learn more about the world we live in. In August/September we explored countries around the world. Then in October we became mad scientists and gained more knowledge about chemical reactions and innovating. During the month of November, we learned about superheroes, real life heroes in our community, and how we can be heroes too! We shared traditions, songs and stories of our holidays in the month of December! January was filled with everything outer space; from space ships, to moon rock, to why is Pluto no longer a planet? In February we became health and wellness experts by focusing on our physical, mental and emotional health. During the art and media month of March we let our artistic side shine by recreating artwork by famous artists and well known illustrators! We are looking forward to exploring camping, nature and the great outdoors in April, before we splash into summer in May!

We offer quiet inside homework time with one dedicated staff to answer any questions. We facilitate games and make sure we have safe fun while out at the playground. On top of just us helping our kids learn, we encourage any family and friends to share their knowledge with us on any of our themes. If you would like to be a guest speaker, please speak with one of the staff and we will work with you to find a time that works!



img_3249Happy Friday from the “Little K-Ply Monsters!”

We created our own capes and masks out of old T-shirts.

We came together and spoke about how we can be our own heroes every day.


IMG_4157We love spending time outside!


1:25 K-Play with Early Birds

2:25 Check-in Late Birds

2:40 Check-in 1st – 3rd graders

2:45 Check-in 4th graders, Enrichment Begins

2:50 Circle Time to discuss daily activities

3:00 Snack Time

3:10 Homework Club meets or outside play after Snack

3:45 Enrichment Rejoins/Option to go inside room – free play

4:15 Come inside for Class Meeting Time

4:30 2nd Circle to Discuss our theme for the day

4:45 Craft/ Indoor Activity

5:15 Cleanup & Quiet Activity Time

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Our staff became the characters from Wizard of Oz this Halloween!


Program Coordinator: Samantha Zentner: This will be my third year here at SMART-E Heather! I grew up in Fremont, where I currently reside. I am attending Cal State East Bay to get my bachelors in Liberal Arts. I’m hoping to continue my education to obtain a multiple subject credential to teach elementary school. On my off time I enjoy cooking new recipes and going to the movies to see the latest blockbuster. I look forward to getting to know you and your child/children this year!

Email: szentner@scsdk8.org


Assistant Program Coordinator:
Catelyn Poss: I have worked for SMART-e in various positions for almost 6 years. This will be my second year as your Assistant Program Coordinator. I grew up in San Mateo and attended IHM elementary and then went to Notre Dame for high school. I am studying to get my Bachelor’s and eventually I hope to get my masters and credentials to teach high school students. I am a huge San Francisco Giants and Oregon Ducks football fan, as well as an avid reader. Harry Potter is my absolute favorite!
Email: cposs@scsdk8.org


PHONE: (650) 508-7434

Samantha Zentner: szentner@scsdk8.org
Catelyn Poss: cposs@scsdk8.org

2757 Melendy Drive, SMART-E Portable

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