SMART-E Heather



Welcome to the 2018-2019 SMART-E school year! We are looking forward to working with your child/children this year. The focus of our program is to provide a fun, safe and nurturing environment that offers various enrichment activities including art, reading, writing, cultural activities, cooking, as well as daily homework help. Throughout the year, there will also be optional programs with our SMART-E partners that offer various classes, such as, art, chess, and sports. These classes are available for an additional fee.

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1:25 K-Play with TK & Early Birds

2:25 Check-in Late Birds

2:40  Snack at UPPER Playground, Check-in 1st – 3rd graders

2:45 Check-in 4th graders, Enrichment Begins

3:00 Announcements at the wall,

Homework Club / Reading Time

Everyone else to the LOWER playground 

3:45 Enrichment Rejoins

4:15 Circle Time

4:30 Crafts, Projects, Activities, Games, etc.

5:00 Inside Free Choice

5:30 Final Clean Up, Everyone to UPPPER Playground

6:00 SMART-e Closes

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Assistant Program Coordinator:
Jimmy Ashmore: 

Jimmy grew up in Kansas and graduated from the University of Kansas. He then moved to NYC to pursue acting. He toured the country doing theatre and has been in several movies and on tv. He loves working with students and has been teaching tap dance and choreographing for the last ten years. He brings his theatre experience to Heather to create enriching games and activities.

PHONE: (650) 508-7434


2757 Melendy Drive, LEAP Rm. 3

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