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Mad Science: Light, Sight & Sound

Light, Sight & Sound! Classes include Harnessing Heat, Lights… Color… Action! Magnetic Magic, Optical Illusions, Mission: Nutrition, Sonic Sounds, Tantalizing Taste, and Watts Up.

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Participant Grade Range: K-5th

Class Description:
Mad Science doesn’t get much better than this series of eight classes! Experience what makes white light and see beautiful rainbows in Lights, Color…Action! Discover some amazing sound effects and learn about sound in Sonic Sounds! Harness some energy as you learn all about heat, and then use your own body heat to make things disappear! Learn all about nutrition and fitness and take home a great fitness tool to measure step counts in Mission Nutrition! Take the Mad Science taste challenge and map out your tongue as you discover Tantalizing Taste! You’ll be shocked by what you learn about static electricity in Watts-Up! Test to see if you have a magnetic personality in Magnetic Magic! Finally, you’ll see it, but you might not believe it, in Optical Illusions!

Day School Time Room Dates
Tuesday White Oaks 2:50-2:50 MU 3/21-5/23/17 (No class 3/28 and 4/11)
Wednesday Arroyo 1:20-2:35 P1 3/22-5/23/17 (No class 4/12)
Thursday Arundel 2:50-3:50 MU 3/30-6/1/17 (No class 4/13 and 4/27)
Thursday Heather 2:50-3:50 MU 3/30-6/1/17 (No class 4/13, 4/27, and 5/25)
Friday Brittan Arces 2:45-3:45 MU 3/31-5/26/17 (No class 4/14 and 5/5)


Fees: $159-180/student

Instructor: Mad Science Instructors

Contact Info:
Phone: 877-390-5437
Email: mail@madsciencebayarea.com
Website: www.madsciencebayarea.org

To register, please visit