EFBA – French Language Classes

EFBA – Education Française Bay Area
French Language – Full-Year Program 54 Classes (27 weeks)

Is your child interested in learning French? EFBA provides a high quality, yet affordable French after school program for Anglophone (a person who speaks English) children at Heather School.

EFBA pedagogy is immersive because it’s proven the most efficient way to learn a language. It is play-based as play is “a ramp of joyful learning” which bolsters social and cognitive skills, improves problem-solving, creativity, abstract thinking and collaboration.

EFBA teachers and teacher assistants are either native speakers from France and other French-speaking countries or have a command of French comparable to a native speaker. They are credentialed in their country of origin and/or trained on a continuous basis by our school.

Our ratio is 1 teacher for 9 students and our maximum class-size is 15 students.

REGISTRATION: http://www.efba.us/after-school_programs

Day School Time Room Dates
Monday & Wednesdays* Heather 3:30-5:00 Library 10/03/16-06/07/17
3 hours/week, 54 classes during 27 weeks
* No classes during school breaks: Local holiday 10/10/16, Thanksgiving Break 11/21/16-11/25/16, Winter Break 12/23/16-01/06/17, MLK Day 01/16/17, Presidents Week 02/20/17-02/24/17, Spring Break Week 04/20/17-04/14/17, and Memorial Day 5/29/17.

Participant Grade Range:
2 levels :
– “Petit” is for K and 1st grade
– “Grand” is for 2nd to 5th grade

Students per Class:
Minimum 5 students in a class with 1 teacher
Maximum 15 students with 1 teacher and a teacher assistant

– if you are a member it is $2090 for the year
– if you are not a member it is $2390 for the year
To become a member go to: http://www.efba.us/after-school_programs

Instructor: Anne-Céline Wins, EFBA Instructor

Site Coordinator: Joanne Kelly
Email: joanne.kelly@live.com
Website: www.efba.us