Sparkiverse: Creativity & Circuits

Creativity & Circuits (Grades 1st-3rd)

No soldering. No breadboards.  And no complications. Now kids even as young as 1st graders can get introduced to electronics and circuitry – all in a safe and fun hands-on lab. This class has the perfect blend of learning and creativity.  Students explore circuits and electricity through drawing with conductive ink.  By taking away the wires, soldering, and complicated fine motor skills of typical circuits, we can make the class very accessible to younger students.  Each class starts with a brief instruction about circuits and electricity, followed by self-exploration of how components come together to make a circuit. We let your child’s imagination go wild – where they can make circuits on nearly anything.  Students work on light-up take-home projects where they get to stretch their creative brains using technology as their tool.  In other projects, kids attach motors, buzzers, and LEDs in hands-on construction projects – to see first hand how circuits work

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Day School Time Room Class Dates
Friday Arundel 2:45-3:45 MU 1/13/17-3/10/17 (No class 2/24/17)

Session Length: 8 weeks
Participant Grade Range: 1-3rd grades
Fees: $250/student
Instructor: Sparkiverse Staff
Contact: Phone: (650) 533-7678