Legarza Middle School Basketball Skills

Legarza Middle School Basketball Skills

Prepare for Central and Tierra Linda’s upcoming basketball season with Legarza’s 1 hour after school basketball class shortly after early release on Wednesdays. Through skill-building drills, fundamental practice, and game-time experience, your middle schooler will gain the confidence and skills needed to take their game to the next level. With only our most experienced basketball coaches running the class, your child will undergo measured improvement. Participation in the class has no bearing on making the Central and Tierra Linda basketball teams other than to help build skills and prepare players for the middle school season.

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Day School Time Room Dates
Wednesday Central 1:30-2:30 CMS Gym 9/20-12/6
Wednesday Tierra Linda 1:30-2:30 TL Gym 9/20-12/6

Participant Grade Range: 6th-8th grade

Session Length:  10 weeks

Maximum class size: 20 students

Fees: $175/student

Instructor: Legarza Coaches

Contact Info:
Phone: (415) 334-3333
Email: contact@lbccamps.org
Website: www.legarzasports.org