Brainstorm Chess (BA)

Brittan Acres Chess by Brainstorm Workshop

All level of chess players welcome! Come learn to play chess and be a chess player!

In this session, basic skills as well as tactics and strategies will be taught, and the checkmate skills will be emphasized.  Students will be taught at this young age to make choices and set a goal (checkmate).  The chess game will potentially help each child to learn to be focused, learn to be decision makers, and prosper by planning moves ahead to checkmate.   There is more in chess than just checkmate.  Through chess, each chess player will gain self discipline, goal setting, confidence, and sportsmanship.

Minimum age is 5 years-old, ability to read, can focus for one hour.

Enrollment via pre-approval by instructor.  Please contact Amy Murad at
Priority enrollment for returning students.

Day School Time Room Dates
Brittan Acres 3:00-4:00 Library 3.27, 4.17, 4.24, 5.15, 5.22, 5.29

Session Length: 6 weeks

Participant Grade Range: *K-4th grades. *Minimum age is 5 years-old, ability to read, can focus for one hour.

Limit: 20 students

Fees: $145

SMART-E Refund Policy: no refunds after 3/23/18, 12 noon

Instructor: Amy Murad

Contact: Amy Murad
Phone: (650) 508-8788