Policies & Procedures

Program Structure
Each SMART-E Before/After School Care Program site is run by a SMART-E team of highly qualified professionals with experience in education, early childhood education, and/or youth programs. The team may also include volunteers helping with homework and special activities for the students.

A typical day will include the following: a healthy snack provided by The Lunch Masters, homework help time, enrichment activities, and outside activity time. Specific schedules will be set on a site-by-site basis.

Enrichment activities will be offered based on student interest and might include gardening, art, chess, crafts, etc.

Any Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through 8th grade student may participate in SMART-E programs. Participation in SMART-E Before/After School Care is not required for participation in Enrichment Programs, School Break Camps or Summer Camps.

Emergency Contact Information
Emergency contact information is required for participation in any SMART-E Before/After School Care Program, Enrichment Program, School Break Camps, and/or Summer Camps. Once you create an account, you will not need to re-enter information unless it changes.

Calendar and Hours of Operation
SMART-E Before School Care (available only at the elementary and upper elementary schools) is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until the school bell rings for the start of the school day, including TK/K Late Bird start. SMART-E After School Care is open from the end of the school day until 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Parents may pick up children from the program at any time. Children must be signed in and out of the program by an authorized adult.  At the middle schools, parents may choose to give permission for their children to sign themselves out at a specific time to go home.

Late Pick-Up Fee
All of our SMART-E After School Care sites close at 6:00 pm. Please pick-up your child by 6:00 pm to avoid the LATE PICK-UP FEE. If you pick up your child(ren) after 6:00 pm, a LATE PICK UP FEE will be added to your SMART-E account. Late fees are calculated per child and pick up time is recorded on the daily roster as per the SMART-E classroom clock.

  • 6:01- 6:15 pm – $25
  • 6:16- 6:30 pm – $50
  • 6:31- 6:45 pm – $75
  • 6:46- 7:00 pm – $100
  • 7:01 pm and beyond – $5 per/ Minute

Holidays & School Breaks
The SMART-E Before/After School Care Program is closed on most national holidays. SMART-E Before/After School Care services are not available on Non-SCSD Days.
Our program follows the school district calendar; please note the days that we will be closed.


2018-2019 Holiday Schedule

Family Divorced or Separation Circumstances
It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to determine the schedule for SMART-E After/Before School Care and to organize payment for the child(ren)s account.

Healthy Snacks
SMART-E serves healthy snacks for students each day provided by Choice Lunch. Children may bring their own snack if they prefer. Please be sure to communicate any food allergies your student may have.

Lunches are not provided. Children need to bring their own lunch on minimum days and during school breaks.  Please do not send any nuts or nut products due to children with severe food allergies.

SMART-E Program staff, volunteers, and SMART-E partner instructors are pre-screened and background checked in accordance with district policy.

Mandated Reporters
All San Carlos School District SMART-E Program staff are mandated by the State of California to report any suspicion of child abuse. Staff do not form opinions or conclusions on these suspicions. It is their responsibility only to contact Child Protective Services and state known facts. The responsibility then lies with Child Protective Services to investigate, draw conclusions, and, if necessary, to prosecute.

Open Door Policy
SMART-E Programs have an open-door policy. Families are always welcome and encouraged to visit, announced or unannounced. We require visitors to take an active responsibility for the supervision of all children they bring to the program, and to follow all SMART-E Program rules and procedures.

Nondiscriminatory Policy
SMART-E Programs admit and do not discriminate children of any race, color, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and/or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to children at the school.

SMART-E staff communicate with families in multiple, ongoing ways. Important reminders, policy clarifications, and upcoming calendar events are included in our newsletter and posted at the student sign-in and check-out area to support family members in staying well informed.

Student Sign-In and Check-Out
Each day children must check in with the SMART-E staff immediately upon school dismissal. They must be signed out by an approved adult that appears on the student’s “Authorized Pick-Up List.” The parent/guardian may also notify the SMART-E staff in advance if someone not listed is picking up. You can update the “Authorized Pick-Up List” for your child in the online registration system.

Only students in upper elementary and middle school with written parent permission may sign themselves out.

Older siblings may pick up a child but this must be arranged by a parent or guardian in writing.

Once children are checked in, they may be signed out and leave under the following conditions only:

  • To attend enrichment programs offered by a SMART-E partner. After which they must return to the SMART-E classroom unless pre-approved dismissal instructions have been provided to the SMART-E staff by an authorized adult.
  • After school activities have been pre-approved by an authorized adult. SMART-E staff must be notified in advance.
  • When signed out by a parent or pre-approved adult on the emergency contact list.
  • At middle schools, children with parent permission to walk home may sign out at a prearranged time.

School day absences will be checked with the school office.  If your child will be absent from SMART-E After School, please leave a message with the SMART-E staff before 1:00 pm the day of the absence.  If a child was present at school but does not sign in at SMART-E After School, the coordinator will attempt to contact the parents/guardians by phone. Refunds and/or credit will not be issued due to illness, appointments, or other scheduling conflicts.

Illness & Injuries
In the event that a child becomes ill or is injured after arriving at the SMART-E Before/After School Care, the staff will attempt to notify the parent/guardian by telephone.  If we are unable to contact a parent/guardian, we will call the emergency contacts listed on the emergency form in order. The child will be cared for until a parent/guardian or emergency contact arrives to pick up the child. The parent/guardian agrees and acknowledges that the SMART-E staff has permission to administer first aid or to obtain emergency medical treatment in the child’s best interest.

Emergency Situations
In the event of a natural disaster, SMART-E Site Coordinators will lead the children to evacuate the building and meet at the upper playground and remain until attendance is taken and it is safe to re-enter the building.

In the event of an actual fire or other disaster all of the children will be supervised until they can be released to parents or to the other authorized individuals, listed during the registration process.

Participation in Enrichment Programs for SMART-E Members:
If your child is enrolled in an after school enrichment program and is a SMART-E After School student, he/she must check in at the SMART-E After School Program room immediately upon school dismissal, before attending the enrichment program.


Please note:  
Parents/Guardians are responsible for the care of their child(ren) from the last dismissal bell until the beginning of the enrichment class.  Parents and Guardians are also responsible for the care of their child(ren) in between enrichment classes.  No “gap” care will be provided by SMART-E before, after or between enrichment sessions.
All dates for Enrichment classes are subject to change