Pre-registration Fee for 2018-2019 SMART-E Before and After School Care 
Families who need before school, after school, and/or K Play care in the 2018-2019 school year are asked to pay a non-refundable, pre-registration fee of $100 per family. Families will only need to pay one (1) pre-registration fee regardless of whether they will need morning care, K Play, and/or after school care (must participate in the lottery for after school care). This fee is in addition to your fees for care.

  • You will be billed the registration fee after your first Morning Care/K Play purchase.
  • If you have paid a registration fee at the time of after school enrollment, you will not be charged twice.
  • 2018-2019 Morning Care Only.  Pre-registration for families needing only morning care will open on August 8, 2018.
  • 2018-2019 K Play Only.  Pre-registration for families needing only K Play will open on August 8, 2018.
  • 2018-2019 After School Care Only.  Based on lottery placement, selected families are asked to confirm their placement by paying the pre-registration fee within 48 hours of notification of being selected.  Families will be sent a payment link when notified of selection.  Waitlisted families, if offered placement, are asked to confirm their placement within 48 hours of notification to confirm their space.

To learn more about the SMART-E Pre-registration Fee, click FAQs: 2018-2019.

SMART-E Online Registration/Enrollment System

Using our online registration system (ActiveNet), parents have the flexibility to book morning care or K Play monthly or daily.  This does not apply to after school care. For Morning Care and K Play, we recommend parents purchase only days needed with the option of purchasing additional days per week. Parents may add days online up to 5:30AM that day if space is availablePlease note, daily purchase does not apply to after school care.

For optimal results, it is recommended that enrollment is completed on a PC or MAC, as smartphone enrollment is not always consistent. Should you encounter difficulty registering, a screen shot (emailed to smarteinfo@scsdk8.org) is necessary in order for our staff to assist you easily and promptly.


We do not allow refunds after purchase of Morning/After care/K Play.    


Daily Cancellations (Morning Care And K Play)

Notify the Program Coordinator at your school via email or phone call 24hrs or as soon as possible before the absence.

After School Care

We require a written 30 day notice of cancellation. The 30 day notice must be received by the SMART-E Business Office BEFORE the 5th of each month. Otherwise you will be charged the full $570 tuition.

SMART-E Care Program Fees


  • Before School Care Monthly rate (5-days per week) = $170 per month

K Play is available four days per week:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at all elementary schools. This program is offered for “Early Bird” TK and Kinders only. Note: Morning K Play for “late birds” only is included in the Morning Care Daily Fee.

  • Afternoon K Play Monthly rate (4-days per week): $170 per month

After School Care is offered via a lottery system.  The SMART-E After School Care lottery opens March 27, 2018 and closes April 17, 2018 at 9:00am.  Families must participate in the lottery in order to be given a space in our after school care program. After school care is a 5-day per week for one school year program.

  • After School Care Monthly rate = $570 per month (equal payments 9 months)

We do not accept walk-ins for before school, K Play, or after school care.

Our SMART-E After School Care sites close at 6:00 pm. Please pick-up your child by 6:00 pm to avoid the LATE PICK-UP FEE. If you pick up your child(ren) after 6:00 pm, a LATE PICK UP FEE will be charged to your SMART-E account. Late fees are calculated per child and pick up time is recorded on the daily roster as per the SMART-E classroom clock.

  • 6:01- 6:15 pm – $25
  • 6:16- 6:30 pm – $50
  • 6:31- 6:45 pm – $75
  • 6:46- 7:00 pm – $100
  • 7:01 pm and beyond – $5 per/ Minute 

Contact the SMART-E Business Office for Your Discount Code!

Multiple-Sibling Discount (issued annually):
We offer a 5% multi-sibling discount for families with more than one child enrolled in the After/Before School Care for care only, not activities or camps.
Parents/Guardians must notify the business office in order to be issued a code.
To receive a multi-sibling discount code:
1 – Create a family account including the names of all siblings who attend SMART-E.
2 – Send an email to smarteinfo@scsdk8.org requesting a multi-sibling discount code.
3 – The SMART-E Business Office will issue you a multi-sibling discount code, along with instructions on how to use your code.
4 – When you enroll each child for care enter your multi-sibling discount code prior to checkout. You must enter the code for each child’s transaction page, “After/Before Care Enrollment Detail”, to receive the 5% discount for each child.
Discounts do not apply for walk-in rates, late fees, or prior purchases.

SCSD Employee Discount:
We offer a 20% employee discount to current San Carlos School District employees for morning care and K Play.  Special rates are offered for after school care.
Employees must notify the business office in order to be eligible for an employee discount. Discounts do not apply for late fees or prior purchases.


** Please note: all fees listed is per child**