2018-2019 Lottery

2018-2019 SMART-E After School Care will be a 5-day per week, full school year program at all schools, except Central Middle School.

One lottery entry per family.  Parents/guardians will list only the children who need after school care in the 2018-2019 school year.  Morning care and K Play are not included in the lottery.

To participate in the lottery complete and submit the entry form (lottery is closed).

(1) Families who desire full-time, 5-days per week after school care for the entire school year at their home school will enter the lottery by submitting an online Lottery Entry Form beginning Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

(2) Lottery system for placement will be based on family need (e.g. if your family is selected in the lottery, our goal is to place all children in your home who need after school care).  We will be prioritizing placement at the most impacted schools first – the elementary schools followed by the upper elementary and middle schools.

Based on the number of lottery entries for the upper elementary and middle schools, we found that we could accommodate more students at the upper elementary and middle schools.  Therefore, if the elementary student in the family was NOT selected in the lottery, we placed the upper elementary and/or middle school siblings in the lottery for their respective schools to allow them a chance to be placed.  However, placement for the older siblings will not allow placement of the elementary school sibling who has already been placed on the waitlist of the elementary home school.

(3) Lottery entries will be accepted from Tuesday, March 27 until Tuesday, April 17, 2018. The Lottery will close at 9:00 am on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. No entries will be accepted after this time.

(4) The lottery selection will be held on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 9:00 am.

(5) Selected families will be contacted beginning Wednesday, April 18. Families will be contacted via the information provided on their Lottery Entry Form (phone and email).

(6) Once you have been selected, a non-refundable, pre-registration fee of $100 (per family) must be paid to confirm your space. The fee will be paid online via the ActiveNet link sent to the email address provided on your Lottery Entry Form. Families must respond within 48 hours of receiving our notification to secure their space. If your pre-registration fee is not received, you will lose your after school care space.

(7) A Wait List will be maintained for families who are not selected in the lottery.

(8) Waitlisted families will be contacted beginning Monday April 23, and offered spaces at their home school or other schools, if available.  Waitlisted families have 48 hours to confirm their commitment via paid pre-registration fee.

(9) Families who have confirmed their placement by paying the $100 non-refundable pre-registration fee will be required to submit their first payment of $570 by June 1, 2018.  A link will be sent to these families by mid-May.  The payments will be monthly beginning August 2018 and completed April 2019.